Mandatory model

If you haven’t been to PKH before, let me just explain to you what this is! Every participant at PKH 2022 must enter a 16x24 module into this competition. It’s a mandatory, but very low-key competition, and you can put as much or as little effort into it as you like, this is up to you. Of course, we hope that you’ll try to make your entry as good-looking as possible, because all the modules will be placed next to each other in the event hall, creating a larger “diorama” - and the more effort you put into it, the better the diorama will look!

Over the years, our mandatory builds have been as diverse as a beach, a street, a river, a train car, and a section of a walking path, and last year we tried our hand at creating a marketplace. This year we’re returning to a simpler task, with a twist on our 2016 theme. This year’s mandatory model is… a road!

This is your starting point:

much simpler starting point than last year. But of course, we still need some rules:

1) 16x24 base area, 16x22 build area
2) No overhang allowed, 16x22 is your maximum build area (the modules will be put next to each other during PKH, so no stealing space from your neighbour!)
3) We’re not picky as to what dimensions there are on your plates and bricks. You can of course use any combination of plates to make up your 16x24 footprint (under the tiles), as long as it matches the shape in the pictures.
4) The green 2x4 plate, placed with a 1x4 overhang in one corner, will be used to attach your module to the next module in the line. That also means that there should be a 1x4 section on the opposite side of your module that isn’t covered, see the image with text above.
5) You can use anything you want to build up the plates that form the base for your road surface tiles, but it must be in total 1 brick high. For example, the whole area under the plates could be solid - not hollow - if you want it to be, for example if you want to make a “hole” in the middle of your road.
6) Any vehicle placed on the road surface must adhere to the travel direction indicated in the image with text above.
7) All entries must be in minifig scale.

In other words, the frame for this year’s competition looks like this:

… where the pink bricks/plates can be any colour you want, but the green plate, and the dark bluish gray, yellow and white tiles, have to form this pattern around the edges. Note that we don’t care if you use 1x4 green plates, or 1x1 or 1x2 tiles, or some other dimension - but the edges must have the same shape and colour as the edges in the picture above. You don’t need to add the red 1x4 plate - it is there to show you that those four studs should not be used, as that’s where your neighbour’s module will be attached.

When your modules are placed on the table at PKH, we will add a 1xX section with a dividing line in the middle. That means that this is what it will look like:

  • well, not exactly like this, because this would be a bit boring (although this is the very minimum we’re expecting you to bring). You will have to build something on your road section! Maybe a vehicle driving along, or a road block? Somebody digging a hole? Is something happening at the side of the road? Have the aliens landed? Or maybe a tiny volcano has breached the road surface, spewing lava all over the place…? You decide! The only thing we ask is that when every entry has been placed on the table, the end result looks like a stretch of road - we’d like it to be at least somewhat coherent, so please keep that in mind :slight_smile:

If anything is unclear (it probably is, it’s always perfectly understandable in my own head, but my head has only one inhabitant) please just ask in this thread! No question is too stupid, and there will always be people who are prepared to explain or lend you some bricks. And just like previous years: If for some reason you feel that you’re absolutely unable to bring something like this to Trondheim in late April… just let me or Harald know, and we’ll work it out. But please try!

As usual, models have to be set up in Trondheim no later than 10AM Saturday morning, and they will then be checked for compliance with the rules. The owner of any model that is found to violate the rules will then be noticed and given the chance to fix the model before 4PM. If the model is still in violation of the rules at that point, it will be disqualified.

Now start building! Or ask questions :slight_smile:

On the forum to Brikkelauget you find some questions and answers about the mandatory model: