Kroken Grand Prix - The Legendary Boat Race

Thursday 21 19:00

In Harald's garden, there is a pool. This year this pool will host Kroken Grand Prix - The Legendary Boat Race!

About the course
- the pool has a diameter of 4,5 meters and is about 1,1 meters deep
- the course will consist of at least four buoyes, so the boat needs to be able to turn
- the most narrow part of the course is 50 cm wide
- every boat is racing alone, so there should be little to no waves

About the race
- the fastest time one lap around the course wins
- each boat should start from a stand still
- each boat will have two attempts
- round 1: the starting order is drawn
- round 2: the slowest time starts, and the fastest time is the last boat in round two

Rules for the boat
- the boat must consist of LEGO elements only
- you are allowed to use third party products for engine control, PFx, sBrick etc
- you are allowed to use plastic bags etc to protect your engine and electronic parts, but not as a floating device.
- you are not allowed to have any physical connection with the boat when it is running, no ropes etc. It has to be remote controlled.
- you participate at your own risk
- if your boat sinks, buy a new motor and build a better one until next time!


If there is something unclear about the rules, the judge decides. Disagreements in the judge's decision lead to disqualification. :D